Monday, July 2, 2018

The Faith of the Sports persons!!!!!!!

I am a sports lover since my childhood. I played Cricket, Volleyball and Basketball till my Ordination. Then everything changed due to active ministry and assignments in the province that kept me away from playing but my interest in the sport did not diminish. I kept reading and watching games on TV. In India Cricket is very popular and its religion for many. There are star cricketers who are worshipped like gods. When India plays either Cricket, Hockey etc people are frenzied and invoke gods for the win. Many keep fast and do all kinds of sacrifices in order that the team wins.

But I have seen the sports persons themselves very pious and religious when they are on the ground. They did make known publicly their faith and reverence to God. I have seen many of them who either kneel down or make signs proper to each religion. It is nice and heartening to see them do so. The public also appreciates it. That goes to show that they do pray to their God in order to help them play fair and just. Play according to the rules. To be sincere and honest in their dealings with the opposite team. To show to the world that the final authority is God who gives all the power and energy.  

The FIFA world cup is on and right from day one I have been following all the games. The games so far have been very interesting. Some teams have not performed well as they were expected to do so. Some have been heartbroken because the favorite teams are already knocked out. But one thing I have observed that during this world cup a lot of players do make signs proper to their religion. I was happy to see them do that because religion is not very much important to some star sports persons. I have heard that many of them would like to mingle religious values and football values in order to give an example to others that God is the last Word.

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