Monday, May 1, 2017

Thank you Lord for 25 years of Priesthood!!!!!!!!!!!

On 2nd May 1992 was a day that I will never forget in my Life as I offered my life to Jesus, the High priest and there began my wonderful and experiential journey. Today I just look back with wonder and gratitude. I just accept that the challenge to be instrument of Jesus was always a challenge…..How in these wonderful years of being a Capuchin Priest Jesus walked with me. He did away my brokenness and darkness and in stead he filled me with His light and strength. I knew that Jesus and His grace was working with me and this never let me have a doubt about my priesthood and a call to live in a Capuchin fraternity. Jesus walked with me all through 25 years as a young priest in a remote mission of Ambajogai in Maharashtra….tough for a young priest of 28 years…with challenges, difficulties, problems and a big responsibility of a school. The founding years amidst all these challenges made consecration and priesthood strong……two years in Goa as formator laid further foundation in my priestly life….being with young and made me realize that I got to keep learning…..two years in Rome studying Franciscan Spirituality made me solid in my call as a Capuchin Franciscan…..6 years as a director of the Initial formation were moments of shaping the young…..sharing my Franciscan experience…..then 3 years as a pastor……getting into the real life of the people…their problems and joys and sorrows made my conviction strong that life is beautiful and it should be lived by walking in faith. Then the animation of the Province of Maharashtra…..the collaboration of the friars….the many challenges faced together with the friars…..the province was on the path of spiritual and material progress….then the International experience of being a general councillor….it is amazing one….i just cannot describe and pen it in few words… is the summit of all the experiences….i am grateful to the Lord for what he has been and what he has achieved through me…..i remain His humble servant and son…..

These 25 years were given as a gift to me by the Lord….I am convinced that I have not been faithful to Him…..i have been independently thinking and doing without the Lord…..I have experienced failures when I ignored him……I was impatient but the Lord was patient with all my weaknesses and failure…I always felt that He never left me alone…..He was always available to me when I called Him….The sacramental ministries which I exercised for last 25 years….I have enjoyed all of them because the Lord was present while exercising them….I celebrated Eucharist, heard confessions, preached, conducted funerals, blessed the Nuptials, baptised babies…..all this was done in His name and presence….

I say a big thank you to the Lord for these 25 fruitful years of service in His Vineyard.I say thank you to my Family, Brothers, Sisters-in-Law, nephews and nieces, grand nephews and nieces, friends, benefactors, my Province and Friars.and I cannot forget my formators in Holy Trinity Province in Karnataka..My actual fraternity General CuriaGeneral Minister and all councillors..
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