Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Leaders are not born.....But Become!!!!!!!

 There are many who would like to be leaders of groups and organisations, among these aspiring one there are those who do have qualities and can definitely be good leaders and majority of them don’t possess any qualities but are motivated by pure reason of politics and only a strong desire. A true leader is the one who inspire and motivate others by their words and actions, examples and true desire to serve others. When one looks at them or see lifestyle, it is just inspiration and evokes confidence in those who look at them. The leaders’ words, reaction and how they control the situation and how they call shots in difficult and tough situations becomes a moment to imitate them. They are respected and admired because they become source of confidence and inspiration. The leaders are not just promoting an idea for their popularity but how resist those tough and difficult moments where there is risk and trouble. They face all these and look beyond with conviction and faith that the storm will be quite for which the leaders become calm and cool. The composed nature of the leaders creates in others confidence that we can overcome any situation if we believe in our interior powers and energies.

 But we come across some leaders who look confident but it is their arrogance that shines out strongly because they are overconfident and not capable. This overconfidence does not allow them to perform well in a manner, which can inspire others. There are mistakes and failures that happen due to their blindness and lack of experience in the field. Experience is the most important key in becoming confident. Lack of solid and strong personal experience in leading others can lead one to become arrogance.

 The leaders have to persuade and encourage others and if there are hurdles the leaders by their confidence can help others to overcome them. They just perform not by power or throwing their weight around but by their presence and making their point with clarity. Their persona facilitates an open discussion and they don’t give orders but just create an atmosphere of trust and openness. A true leader is one who is able to admit and acknowledge the mistakes and try to correct with any guilt feeling. They do this because they are very secure and know what role and responsibility they have towards others. They believe in their abilities and so they are confident in admitting their wrongdoings and mistakes, which leads them to perform well. The leaders take risk in matters, which are for common good because they have experience and the information that they receive about the matter is well studied and reflected upon which leads them to take risk. A leader who himself takes risk in taking decision encourages and supports others to take risks. The leader in their mistake does not scold but sits with them to see how they can overcome it and encourages taking one more chance to do it differently.

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