Saturday, February 4, 2017

Novitiate House, Srilanka

 The Pakistani brothers come to Srilanka for their initial formation since many years....the friars from Holy Trinity Province, Karnatak take care of the formation.....the friars are well trained for the formation......Last year two local Srilankan capuchins were ordained and now fully engaged in the pastoral work....they are now promoting local vocations.....they have new 7 candidates for the first year......there are only 3 novices from Pakistan .......

 Salt adds flavor to our food. It makes our food better, tastier and more delicious so we can enjoy it.

     Light makes us see better. It allows us to see and enjoy the beauty of colors in God's creation.

     When Our Lord said, "You are the salt of the earth.... You are the light of the world," he invited us to make a difference in the world. Do we make our world a better place to live in? Do we make our Church a better community that reflects the goodness and love of God?

     The early Christians, the first followers of the Church founded by Jesus, had so much fervor in living out their faith. They were ready to share and give up their possessions and even their lives as they proclaimed the Good News of Jesus. Their faith had a flavor which attracted many more to believe with them. The living witness of their strong faith which included martyrdom became a light which made the people see better and make life more meaningful.

     In our own days we can still see many Christians, many believers and followers of Christ, who give flavor and light to their communities. There are many individuals and communities who give witness to the faith that they possess, even in places where Christians are persecuted. They have attracted many others to the Christian faith because of their witness, life and fervor in the service of the Church and of their communities.

     Many may be tempted to live their lives and their faith for themselves only. Many wonder why our dominantly Christian country has so many poor people living in misery. Many who are baptized Christians are even known for corruption and other scandalous behavior. These are situations and people when the flavor and light of our faith are lost.

     Our Lord had come to help us restore what was lost. We can always return to the Lord and receive the flavor and light of his love and mercy. If we truly believe, we can live better lives and make a real difference in the lives of others.

     Our lives and faith are meant to be shared as salt and light of the world. Then we can see a better world that "gives glory to the Father who is in heaven."

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