Thursday, January 5, 2017

Responsible Leadership!!!!!!!!!

The religious congregations every three or six years elect their new leaders in order to govern the Provinces or the central authority. All need to have a leader whether small or big congregations. Every one has the need of spiritual guides or gurus who will guide them to follow the teachings, charism and spirituality of the Congregations. The leaders are elected or chosen to act in a responsible way so that the members also become responsible. The Leaders prepare the future leaders by living an examplary life. The responsibility and responsiveness on the part of those who lead is an important aspect of the governance in religious Congregations. A leader has to see to the needs, concerns, interests of each member. The leader leads those who have vowed to be led by a repsonsible elected person who with a common good in mind goes about leading the members on the spiritual path and union with one another. The leader is the one who keeps integrity as the priority in leading the other members who might be more responsible and more faithful to the charism and spirituality of the Congregation. The leaders receives respect and obedience when he or she is a model of religious and consecrated life. The leader leads the entire group and not just one small faction for political gains. The leader then gets respect which he deserves due to his functioning style and he does not demand the respect which could be negative point in his leadership. 

The example of Jesus should be followed at any cost. His example is not outdated but highly relevant and practical for todays world. Jesus shows clearly through his life that a leader is not person who has the power and ability to decide on his own authority and then imposes the decision on the members. This can lead to confusion and even to disobedience. A leader in a religious congregation is not the owner of the members to maintain and develop them as he would like them to be. The members are not his propoerty which he can use as and when he wants but the members are brothers and sisters. The leader care for the members as a father or mother would care. He gives and offers all possibilities to grow to be like founders or foundresses. The leader whors hard along with the members for the well being and common good of the congregation. The leader is conscious and aware of his reponsibility and works accordingly. He or she has to give an account to the Lord who chose them to be spiritual leaders.
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