Friday, January 6, 2017

Let us shine in our Faith......Happy Feast of Ephiphany.....

The Season of Christmas is full of feasts and celebrations. One waits anxiously for all these feasts as they energise and renew your faith and allow you to follow the Lord more closely and more strongly. These feasts remind us that we have a mission and the mission command is given every year by the Church to all the faithful. One such feast is Ephiphany which invites us to be witnesses and be shining brightly for Jesus. The feast invites us to be revealing and sharing the Love and Faith that we have received from the Lord.

The feast is important one in the Church as it invites us to reflect the on the significance of the feast on every generanation's role in the Church and society. The visit of the Magi who came to worship the infant Jesus, the real reason for the feast is not only the worship of the kings, but is in fact that the acknowledgment of Who Jesus really is is beginning to spread. Jesus is being revealed to the world.

The feast of Epiphany teaches that we celebrate God's triune revelation. He was revealed to the Magi from the East, while yet a child He was worshipped. He was revealed to all people at His baptism in the River Jordan.

Epiphany Jesus is revealed in many ways. Not only does God reveal to the Magi, through the shining of a star, that He is doing something special by breaking into our human existence through the birth of His Son, but in the Baptism the Father sends the Holy Spirit upon Jesus as a manifestation of the Trinity and He announces and reveals that Jesus is, “the beloved Son.” Likewise at the first miracle in Cana in Galilee, Jesus manifests His power in the performance of the miracle turning water into wine.

This action reveals that Jesus is inaugurating the kingdom of God through works of power.
If we take a bit of time and really give some thought to God’s action in our lives, we will see that He gives us all many of the same signs that we see in Scripture. Now, although we may never have seen a bright shining star in the sky to announce the Lord Jesus Christ, God does put a great many small signs in our lives that point us to acknowledge God’s action and presence. Have we ever considered that the people within our lives, as well as all of the beautiful things that move and affect us, are in fact God putting small stars within our lives for us to see? And then of course when we see them, we need to take the action of the Magi, we must follow these signs to see where they lead, and of course we know that they lead to the creator of all things, the Lord Jesus Christ “through Whom all things were made.” And then knowing this we must, as the Epiphany prayer says, “follow until we find Him and finding Him to rejoice.”

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