Monday, January 30, 2017

Do not Fear Just Believe

 Consoling words for any one who is in trouble or suffering. These words can lift up the drooping spirit of someone who thinks negative and would like to give up hope and living the human life. Sometimes these words bring bring the lost hope and bring in new spiring in the life of those who have just thought that everything is over and there is no more chance and opportunity to recover....In our pastoral ministry we come across these kind of persons who don't see beyond their problems and sufferings....they think that all the doors are closed and there is nothing that will happen positively in their these kind of people we must speak in the language of Jesus who says "don not Fear, just believe" is right and just that we need to hold on to Jesus our savior and lord.....he will take care of everything....there is nothing more powerful than evil can thrive or dominate in our lives if there is Jesus and a strong faith in Him......

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