Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Search and Find me in the Needy and Poor!!!!!!!!!

We live in a world and society which is promoting self-indulgence and selfishness. The modern technology is contributing a lot for the spread of egoistic culture among all the section of people. Every one seems to be running after one’s own interest and gratification and no one seems to be having concern for the others who are less fortunate. We are moving towards a culture, which inculcates and promotes love for the self. We know and see people who are so much busy and interested in the self-love. I would be happy to love, care, serve and do charity for those who are mine and belong to me. I am happy to love those who love me in return. I throw a party and invite those who have invited me or would invite in the future. When can I think of the others when I am busy with myself and those belong to me. When can I look after those who are on the streets when I am still building homes and houses for mine so that they are comfortable? Not that they don’t have, they have more than enough but still I want to give them so that they would waste and throw out. They don’t have the need but I still create a need for them. I know that it is a vocation to love those who have no one to love and care for, those who are not sure of finding the next meal, those who would have to spend the night on the open street in cold or heat. It is difficult for me to ask God for the grace to understand the situation of these unfortunate and enter into their shoes to understand what it means to be neglected and not loved and cared for by the others.

I am too happy, I have everything and not to worry about anything. My bed is warm, my table is rich and my clothes are made by rich and famous. Sometimes having all these wonderful things which grantee good human life and place in the society. I am also aware of those so-called human who don’t have which they call of his or her own. I will die after having lived a good life, may be after a good and long years of human life, but there are those who die young and not die in dignity. Sometimes funerals are not conducted or given, as I would have. Sometimes they die out of cold, hunger, thirst and home, which they don’t deserve to die. I need to pray to feel the pain of these unfortunate ones. I don’t want to enjoy happiness alone. Let me hear the cry of those who are suffering on the street and in homes
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