Friday, September 30, 2016

20 Months Since we Visited our Missions in North East.....Arunachal Pradesh

The memory of St. Jerome, translator and interpreter of Scripture invites us to love the Bible, to study and to meditate on every page of the divine word, not excluding the hard tone as in today’s Gospel, which seems to evoke the severe character of the saint we remember today. Jesus warns strongly the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum because they have despised Christ and his disciples, even though they were the beneficiaries of his words and miracles. In many places, the superficiality

and coldness of the past have not disappeared twenty centuries later.
 Only way to evangelise is education.....children very smart but have to walk a long way to go to school....
 The people are very welcoming and hospitable.....though poor but willing to share all that they have

 Br. Hugo.....mixing with children who are so loving and spontaneous....

 Very much in their blood.....any moment willing to dance

 A moment to share some good news with them

 Oh.....caught unawares......youth waiting for the arrival

 When you are in North East be like them
 United we can do so much

 The future of Arunachal pradesh
 Friars along with the village king...

 The local customs are very strong.....

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