Thursday, August 25, 2016

Let us express our solidarity with Italians

I woke up yesterday with the news of Earthquake in Italy. I was sad and disturbed to hear. Definitely many lives have been lost. It happens every now and then. One fine morning we hear about the sad Earthquake that takes place in some part of the world. We express solidarity and offer prayers for the victims. Some of us might send some monetary help beyond that we don’t do anything special because it has happened to someone else. These are natural disasters over which we don’t have any control. But we have to accept that human beings have to accept that the creator God s the mighty and supreme. He is the one who has control over the entire universe and in humility we have to accept and respect him. We have to keep in mind that we might progress in our research and development, science and technology but we cannot conquer Him. He is to be respected and accepted in the Nature and Universe. 

We are helpless before this mighty God. When these natural calamities take place we are nothing but small creatures. We have to depend on him. Everything has limits and we must not cross those limits. Science and Technology might give us some answers but not all and full answers, we should go beyond, we need to respect the mandate of God. That is why the encyclical of Pope Francis is so very important for us to read and live it. The power of the Earth and nature are much more powerful than all our inventions and technology. We should not boast in our advancements in many fields. All these great researches should not make us to feel that we are powerful than God. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord, and consider these disasters as merciful reminders, and sufferings as opportunities to turn to our spirits and look up things beyond ourselves. May the Lord abound His mercy and grace upon us. Let us
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