Friday, August 26, 2016

A moment of misunderstanding leads to break relationships!!!!!!

A few moments of misunderstanding can create havoc and bring in a lot of poison in human relationships, which sometimes may be difficult to restore to its original status. There are friendships, families, companies and even religious communities which have experienced this poison of misunderstanding leading to destruction of joy and happiness once enjoyed by all. It causes break of relationship, makes one to go far away from the loved one. There are people who have been frustrated due to the misunderstanding. One is at loss as how to resolve misunderstanding which keeps growing if not clarified and resolved in time. It even can hurt both the parties which creates a vacuum and pain in relationships

Sometimes misunderstanding is created due to non-listening to the concerned parties. It is spread due to fabrication of the facts which are not listened to by the parties. It is always good to clarify it by coming together and putting across the table. When there is a misunderstanding it is always good not to listen to 3rd party who could exaggerate and even add thing which are not part of the misunderstanding existing between two parties. One could do this to further complicate the relationships between two parties. Misunderstanding makes the parties to forget a lot of goodness which exists and which could be a source of resolving the misunderstanding. One moment of misunderstanding can destroy a sea of goodness. The honesty and truth that once enjoyed by the parties begins to disappear due to misunderstanding. It could destroy a well settled married life and can bring in a lot of pain and suffering. It is best to speak clearly and genuinely about the matters that leads to misunderstanding. Sometimes due to lack of courage we keep postponing misunderstanding which could be difficult to handle once significant time passes by. 
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