Friday, July 8, 2016

The Minister and his responsibility towards the Second Order by Br. Leonardo Gonzales

Clare defines herself as a disciple of Francis, and it was her will to be belong clearly to the movement of the friars minor. In her rule and testament, where she declares Francis founder, revealer of the charism and sets out her form of life in parallel with the life of the Friars with the differences adapted for the option of contemplative life. She discovered her own identity in the face of Francis.

At the moment of beginning her evangelical life, clare did not yet have a well outlined plan. there is not indication that Francis had exercised a role of founding father, offering her a concrete and regulated way of life such that she could put it into practice. 

They wanted to follow in the footsteps of the poor christ like the friars. But different than they who followed the itinerant lifestyle of Jesus with his disciples as narrated in the Gospels. 

Clare could unite and integrate i a single contemplative spirituality the minorite charism and the typical aspects of the experience of traditional religious life. 

The renunciation of the means of security and of economic stability constituted the best guarantee of a way of minoritic relationships and of contemplation in minority. 

The General overview of the Capuchin Poor Clares:
Africa-5 countries- 10 Monasteries- 107 professed and in Formation 25
Asia -3 countries-18 monasteries-264 professed and 20 information
AMerica - 10 Countries - 21 Monasteries- 192 Professed and 19 in formation
Mexico - 1- 71 Monasteries- 1152 professed and 82 in formation
Europe - 1 countries, 70 monasteries, 767 professed and 31 in formation
Countries - 27, Monasteries 190, Professed 2482, and in Formation 177

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