Thursday, July 7, 2016

Formation in the Order by Br. Jaime Rey

 Br. Jaime explained the structure of the general secretariat of formation. The mission of SGF to create chnnels of information and participation. to help the new jurisdictions actualize the initial formation programme and the older jurisdiction try new methods of renewal in ongoing formation.
 To facilitate the communication between the formative realities of the conference and the general administration of the Order. to share about the formative experiences that have had a positive results in their reality.
 The numerical decline of the members of our Order gives us the reason to reflect about the way to become more relevant.
 Br. Nadeem, Custos from Pakistan visited us for a short period......
 The advancement in the human formation leads us to prepare the brothers to be healed healers. keeping in mind the different existential realities of our Order we need to work further on creating common formative program.

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