Friday, June 17, 2016

The experiences at the Airports!!!!!

For last four years I have been travelling in and out of Rome. The airport experience is unique and it teaches a lot for one who is willing to see and look around. The time that one spends at the airport sometimes can be enormous but can be useful and fruitful too. You get learn something new from your co-passengers. The people who travel with you are different from much point of views. They are joyous or worried, happy or disturbed. You got to look at them and they tell you such a lot about them. Many of those who made impression on me are those who are cool and calm. They go about with a smile. Not getting annoyed or angry with anyone.

Most of those who are businessmen are sometimes show a lot of worries on their beautiful faces. It is very clear that everything is not all that good in life and business. Some of them can be heard screaming or shouting on the phone. Some of them are cool on the phone but the anger is shown on the faces.

While waiting for boarding the plane, you can 
see a lot of kids with their parents. These kids can help you to get over your travel anxiety. Some of these kids go round and play. They come closer to the unknown and suddenly blush with smiles. They just make you to forget your tiredness. There are those kids that throw tantrums. Sometimes they really disturb you. You can see the reaction of the parents. They just want their kids to be quite but they are not able to be quite. Looking at the disturbed parents others feel sorry for them. There are grown up children who quietly read books and behave very well. They some times get engrossed in the books and that makes the grown up jealous or even ashamed. The Children reading books, which are good, one and you can make out from the cover of the book. There are children who play with the laptops or smartphones. They don’t worry what is going on around them. They show up a lot of expressions on their faces. Watching them playing with the electronic gadgets you feel sorry as they just glue them. They are not worried about the parents or other children. This is one of the biggest problems that the parents are facing these days. Many kids are having trouble with their eyesight due to heavy exposure to the electronic media.
Sometimes you find children who just go round touching every possible thing in the waiting hall. They jump and hop around.

So airports are wonderful learning places. It is not only the children who can teach but even the grown ups. Sometimes I wonder why do we carry heavy loads on our back, instead of enjoying the moments that we receive from the Lord. It is good to break free and allow the moment to grant us the joy and happiness.
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