Friday, June 3, 2016


The Crisis of Faith that many of us are experiencing is not easy to explain or analysis it in way we think. The Europeans who are experiencing this crisis of Faith and religion for sometimes now is a fact and there are many reasons for it. My little experience in the European world made to me to ask why this crisis people experience in their human and spiritual lives. The actual moment and situation of crisis is not easy it is complicated to explain. There is confusion and contradictions one experiences when one is faced with this crisis of Faith and Religion. Many good learned souls do accept that it is not so a rollercoaster rider to apprehend the actual situation of Crisis.

But one can sense and feel that the coherent and unified world seems to be fallen apart. The role that Religion and Faith played is now seems to be lowered. The past was dominated by Faith and it had a great influence on sphere of human domain. Today it seems to have lost its grip and as a result false gods have been replaced. Today everything appears to be questioned and disputed by people who don't believe. There is a total or super crisis that many are facing in their personal and communitarian life. This Crisis which is a phenomena has extended all it's powerful domination on human existence. It rules on simply on the condition of modern people. It affects all sectors of life. The crisis is not only religious but also social, political, economic and ecological. There is crisis in family, education, institutions of social nature. A good part of old myths have fallen or rejected by so called educated society. 

The Crisis is not taking us to a life that is more dignified and human. We are losing the sense of being human. The developed science is not indicating or orientating modern man to a history and human story. The development and progress is not synonymous with happiness that is being experienced by human beings. The problem and crisis of transmitting socio-cultural patrimony to the new educated generation.

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