Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Leaders must get everyone involved in solving the problem

There are problems in every institution and organization whether it is secular or religious in nature. The handling and tackling of these problems takes a lot of energy, time and personnel. The problems come up every now and then in course of administration and animation of a group or association. The leader should not think that it is his personal problem and try to solve or find solutions all, alone which could be disastrous at the end. The group or the leader just cannot sit and worry about the problem or paint the problem in a different way and manner. They got to sit together to find a fraternal solution which will be in favour and acceptable to all.

The leaders cannot find a workable solution on his own expertise but needs to consult those others who too are affected by the problem. The solution and answer cannot come from one individual expert or head of a commission. They may not have solutions individually but coming together they might be of a great help and support for the organization or group.

The team needs to sit together and look at the problems that are affecting the larger and collective good. Any commission or few individual members may not able to find a workable solution to a small or big problem. They need to look at the problem and its nuances and its impact on the group. If those committed to the group don’t work as per their commitment have to be pulled up in a understanding way. But this cannot be left to a commission responsible for it. The need of getting collaboration and expertise of all the heads of the commissions is what the leader must look for, who can study and understand the problem in an open atmosphere and with an open mind.

The team needs to identify the problem and what is the source of it. The ones who are responsible are to be dialogued with. While dialoguing and calrifying the matter it is good to avoid blame game. It is not a time to dig the past but to look forward. The problem is to be attacked and not the person to be attacked. The root cause of the problem can be seen only in an atmosphere of trust and confidence. The one who created the problem could be asked to show the way out. The involvement of his could solve many of the problems. He will collaborate well because he feels accepted and confided in.

Once the solution is found to the problem one should not be in celebration mood of having won Third world war. The true warrior will further plan out how to put whole act together. He will sit and plan out to apply the results of the victory to avoid further battle. The opinions sought together to solve the problems are to be looked at and reflected upon along with those who created the problem. The first attitude is to avoid taking credit for having solved the problem but one needs to look for further better opinions and solutions. There could be different persons who would study your solutions and opinions and offer you further instructions as to how to implement them. Always find ways and means how to attack the problem from a different perspectives.

The great successful persons have always believed in a team spirit and have been able to solve bigger problems with their simple approach. They believed winning the member and not winning the problem on their side. The person is bigger than the problem. The value of the person should be the top priority in solving the problem. It is to be done in a such way that the problem will never ever show its ugly head and also to allow the person to grow as a responsible person. The team members don’t bring their personal ego and opinions to the fore but sacrifice all of these for the good of the group.

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