Saturday, May 23, 2015

Novitiate House, Kasargod, Kerala

Last year all the three Provinces of Syro Malbar in Kerala had a very good number of Novices. They were around 35 and all of them could not be accommodated in one Novitiate House in St. Joseph so all the three provinces decided to divide the group. Pavanatma accepted one group and housed them in Kasargod. The friary was already ready and had to make some renovations. It is an ideal place as it is very much silent and quite place. There are good number of parishes around and majority of the people in the area are catholics. 
 The house is amidst a garden....lovely place....the house is an ideal place for Novitiate....but this year the number is small so they have it in one place

 The friars play shuttle everyday along with some youth of the parish....this year there are no novices....

 The garden has a variety of flowers and fruits too....the friars work hard in the garden....

 Br. E.K. Joseph is the Novice master and in the middle is the Guardian and provincial councilor....the young friar is preacher and doing his Msc in psychology
 What a smile.....keep it up

 the friars have a lot of ministry here but due to formation they are not able to take up much but when free they do take up...

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