Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As I am going round in India I am surprised to see many beautiful and wonderful things happening in this part of the world. The Indians are no longer what there were projected and thought of by the rest of the world. The face of Indian society has tremendously changed for good. The successive governments have worked out hard and given a right direction to the entire nation. The economic success has brought a lot of blessings to many here. The development process is fast and very democratic. The rural people now taste the glory of shining India. There are so many good things happing in India. It is good for the unity and security of Indian society. The multicultural and lingual, multilingual and various traditions has really kept India going strong.  The picture is very positive. If it goes on at this rate I am sure India will shine more and more. The most important thing is to make India corruption free. Let everyone participate in this process.

But I was also shocked and taken aback to see many negative aspects in this shining India. The poverty is still looming over the unfortunate ones. Though the government tries its best to eliminate poverty somehow it is there. There are good many reasons, which we need to see them in between the lines. The Higher and special Education, which is now available everywhere in India, is beyond the reach of the poor ones. If you have money you can have access to higher education.  Not that our government cannot afford to educated these poor ones who are highly capable and intelligent, innovative and creative. Somehow the economic conditions make them to remain where they are.

Celebrations are part of our rich Indian culture and heritage We are proud to celebrate and promote our unity. These celebrations sometimes are organized in a very big way with big expenditures. Mostly riche and even the middle class organize these celebrations. Sometimes the poor ones also contribute towards these celebrations.  My question is: do we need to spend such a huge amount of money for a one-day celebration? When there are some many who go hungry to bed? Can we not spend that money on poor people’s education? Can we not make rural areas education hubs so that the children don’t have to go far away from their homes? Even political leaders spend huge amount of money for their party celebration. It is good to do so but in a moderate way. The growth of the nation depends also on the poor and their contribution. Let us not have grand celebrations at their cost. Let us contribute something towards their welfare and development.

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