Thursday, May 28, 2015

Better cooperation better administration

I am now in the General council for last three years and gaining tremendous and valuable experiences. The animation of the Order or Province is totally different from each other but the roles we play are similar. But the smooth and effective functioning of the council very much depends on the entire council members. The constitutions are very clear about the role and responsibilities of the General, Provincial Minister and their councilors. The entire team functions for the order or Province. They have been given mandate by the chapter and they would have to work together and promote the good and unity of all friars. To work hand in hand is very much satisfying and rewarding. There are moments where it can be beyond our talents and gifts, it can be difficult to agree to certain issues and points but we need to keep in mind the common good. It is not my ego and selfishness that should dominate but the good of the Order. Sometimes the councilor feels that his voice is not heard or left out from taking important decisions. From the part of the councilors it is very important to learn how to communicate and collaborate with the entire team. It is not power but service that is expected of the entire team. When the service becomes power then the team begins to behave like political parties

The best provincial council is the one which learns to communicates within and without. They communicate everything and nothing is secrete within, except they have to maintain secrets about the decisions taken. The healthy council would be the one which expresses feelings together. They nurse any bad feelings but allow themselves to be a bridge of communication.

The Council plays no blame game: It may happen that the tendency to blame each other for failures or some targets not achieved within a stipulated times. It is not the responsibility of one person but the entire team that is involved in making a decision and so the team must feel responsible for achieving the goals. The team takes upon themselves the responsibility of guiding and animating the provinces and the members. The councilors should not be just mere spectator or a voter in the council but be a creative contributor. He is not just to attend the council but the council comes prepared for the meeting. He shares his valuable opinion in the council. When he does the above he would never blame anyone in the team.

The council respects each members contribution: The team builds up a bond when they feel accepted and appreciated for their contribution and ideas, for suggestions and expertise offered. The entire council may not be intellectually sound and experts in the entire field but whatever they share goes to build the province and allows the council to arrive at a solution, which would be beneficial for the entire province. So one need not be a MBA student to be a councilor but it is enough that one has sufficient knowledge of the history of the Order, deep study of the constitutions and capuchin charism and spirituality.

The council doesn’t throw weight around: There may be a chance for one who is smart and has more knowledge of the secular world to dominate the proceedings of the council. It is dangerous for the council to arrive at a right decision if this superstar and all knowing councilor demands his ideas and suggestions to be the best ones. The entire council in humility keeping in mind the good of the entire
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