Saturday, May 30, 2015

At the Mercy of God

i watched this afternoon a new movie called San is a beautiful movie that all of us must watch. In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his daughter. San Andreas, the new disaster movie opening Friday, features gigantic earthquakes ripping California apart. But don't count on a lesson in accurate science. The movie features magnitude-9.6 and -9.1 earthquakes in California, which can't happen along the San Andreas fault, Jones said. A magnitude-8.3 quake is the upper limit that can occur along that fault, she added. Worldwide, the strongest quake ever measured was the magnitude-9.5 quake that hit Chile in 1960.
It give you a message that God is the creator and anything done against his creation is not very much appreciated. In a matter of few minutes eveything is destroyed by the earthquake. We human beingsbelieve in our achievements and developments but we forget that He is the One who has contrrol of everything. Ourr highrise buildings and great developmental projects are signs of our human intelligence and wisdom but the wisdom of God is superior to ours. We depend on his mercy and compassion. We need to acknowldege that He alone is supereme and almighty. We cannot take His place.
The recent earthquake in Nepal where about 10000 people were killed and they never ever thought that they would meet this fate. In the past too this kind of traedies have taken place and people have lost everything. I know it happened in the first year of my Ordination. I was posted to a Mission Place in Latur, Maharastra, India and the earthquake killed so many peole. When i visited the place i could see the massive destruction. Young and old all met the same fete. Some of them too young to die. Many had dreams of future life but all was gone. They never expected that their world would come to an end. But it happens. These days we hear about the earthquakes from the globe......there are other natual calamities which take place like floods etc....what control do we have over it in spite of our science and developments, progress and technology.....nothing.....we are simply at his mercy and compassion....we are fragile like glass and grass....should we not accept and recognize his power over us...should we neglect and sidline Him totally to the point of negating His existence.
The movie is really an eye opener. I always thank God for all the He has created on the earth. He has put everythiin at our service and for our good. We should use it rightly and wisely without playing with it and going against it. We know that we are not Masters and Creators but we are His creatures. We should kkep our place and give the highest place to Him, 
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