Thursday, October 30, 2014

Visit to Patiala, Formation House

The custody is blessed with many good vocations from South and North. It is a positive sign for the growth of the custody, The friars are working hard in promoting good and solid vocations, The formation house is a new one just began last year. They began with 20 candidates out of which 2 discontinued immediately after they began. The ones who are here are very good candidates, clever and intelligent. Friars Crispin and John Jose are forming them. You can see that the formation is good as we see the brothers improvement. They read, sing and speak good English. The friars are busy the whole day with the candidates. 
The Formation house is about 5km away from the city of Patiala. The neighbors are all Sikhs but very good people. They all come to the church to pray. They are very helpful and collaborative with our friars. 
The custody has purchased a property about 40 km away from here with the help of the neighbors who are helping them for all the governmental works. I visited the Land which is adjutant to the main road and ideal place for a school and social work. There are nine villages around and very good climate for the evangelization.
I also visited a neighboring parish which is about 60km away where an ex-capuchin from my province Nixon Fernandes is serving. He is with the priests looking after the boarding. He is very happy to serve the poor people. He was glad to see me.

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