Tuesday, October 28, 2014

La Verna Community, Nahan, HP

It is heaven on earth. Beautiful mountains which are decked green beauty. The people here are very simple and loving. This part of the state is under developed, poverty can be seen. People here go through tough times in life. The weather is too very hostile to them....in summer it is hot but winter is still severe... Our friars dont have heating system but face the cold with the minimum that they have. It is the same with the people. I came here yesterday evening from Kala Amb which is on the plain and this place is about 2000 feet above. The capuchin friars are working here for last 25 years....serving about 8 families who have migrated from other parts of the state. The Carmalite sisters have a big school and the friars used to help them in teaching but now no more. The friars look after their spiritual needs. There are not many catholics around so no much ministry. Fr. Angelo is going round for retreat preaching but also teaches in our school which is about 18km at Kala amb. He goes up and down with zig zag roads...at times dangerous in winter but he does go everyday faithfully....
The friars run here a tailoring center for the women who are poor. It is one way of reaching the people and evangelization.

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