Monday, June 30, 2014

The Councilors are leaving!!!!!!!

The General Council meeting and the new Provincial meeting is over. The General Minister and Councilors one by one are getting ready to leave for their respective area for animation. Some have chapters, others have conference meeting and some like me have fraternal and canonical visitation of the Provinces.
I am leaving today for TamilNadu South and North for the canonical visitation for two Month. The program of my visitation has been arranged by the respective provincials and am hoping for a good time in both the provinces. I request your prayers and best wishes.
At the end of August we have CCMSI meeting in Goa. We also meet the other Franciscan Major superiors too. This meeting is going to be an important one as we will plan out some common program for the entire Franciscan Family in India.
The Curia in the college is getting ready to move to the renovated curia at Piemonte. Here in the curia all are busy packing their personal things as well as of the various offices.. it is so difficult to leave a place after some good time here...

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