Friday, June 27, 2014

Spiritual and Pastoral Assistance to the OFS and Franciscan Youth By Br. Amanuel Mesgun

*    Franciscans, Conventuals and Capuchins share with the Poor Clare’s and 3rd Order Regular a common charism and mission
*    Constitutions say that Let us have at heart the secular Franciscan Order
*    Responsibilities: collaborate with the international council and its presidency, co-ordinate at international level, foster the interests of the friars in SFO and provide for the pastoral visits of the national councils of SFO
*    Service to the SFO
*    Service to our Order
*    Tasks of the Provincial Ministers: responsible for the establishment, spiritual animation and visits to the local SFO fraternities.


The provincial ministers and other major superiors exercise their competence with regard to the SFO in their own territory
*    Determine collegially the manner of appointing the national and regional assistants
*    Duties in particular: to canonically establish new local fraternities, ensure that they receive spiritual assistance, to animate spiritually, to visit and to meet, to keep informed about the spiritual assistance, to appoint the spiritual assistants
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