Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Chapter of St. Joseph Province, Kerala

St. Joseph province is one of the biggest provinces in CCMSI. They have good number friars and for the chapter there are 122 friars present. It is one of provinces which has given birth to many other jurisdictions and missions. It is engaged in personnel collaboration with some provinces in the Order. This province is blessed with good number of vocations too. They have many friars who have doctorates and licentiate in most of the Catholic disciplines.
 The chapter began on 28th evening with an evening prayer and followed by the business session.
 The friars in the refectory for the dinner.
 The friars listening to the Provincial Minister Br. Mathew Paikada's report. A very comphrensive and inclusive report. Many practical suggestions were raised in the report. It was followed by the economic report which too was well appreciated by the chapter members
 The Provincial of Germany Br. Marianus getting ready to present his report on fraternal collaboration with the province of st. joseph
 The General minister and rest of the guests were honored with traditional shawl

 Br. Provincial Minister presenting his triennium report.

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