Monday, September 30, 2013

Medjagore a place of peace

Thousands of devotees flocking to Medjagore to seek blessings of mother n find peace. Young n old wait for hours here in line to make a confessions. And return home reconciled with God with oneself n others. We came here yesterday evening with a group of 50 people all longing to speak to God n meet mother mary through the words of visionary Vicka. This morning around 5000 people waiting in rain to hear her speak the message of Mary. She blessed all priests who were taken in a room. I am one of those luckiest ones to be prayed over.
Then we celebrated mass with 50 priests.
Afternoon we visited a place called Cenaclo a coomunity for drug adicts n others run by an italian nun. She is known as mother teresa here.

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