Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gratitude expressed towards our collaborators

It was a nice gesture on the part of the Guardian to think of the collaborators in Curia, especially the cook, Laundry woman and two house keepers. They were invited for the Lunch in the refectory where the Guardian thanked them. It was also a moment of celebration of their birthdays. The food was very much Italian but more of Milanese with "Pollaneta" with "Gorgolzolla" cheese. Oh what taste! It was really symptuous meal in honor of these men and women who serve us every day. The Guardian said that without their help and support we can not carry out our works in Curia. a cake was cut by all of them and the General minister opened the Champgne bottle in their honor. Today, indeed it was a feast of collaboration and solidarity with one another. May God bless all our collaborators who make our stay nice and beautiful. Our stay is more capuchin because these men and women are simple and humble. Pray for them and their families.

Clayton and Jean thanking the Lord for the gift of the collaborators
 Mark and the rest listening to guardian raising the toast
 What a listening ear to Guardian
 Guardian raising the Toast and besides him our Cook

 Blessed among women - our cook and the rest of collaborators
 Raffaele always enjoys the joke with Pio Murat but this time with Guardian

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