Friday, March 8, 2013

Wonderful Experience

The retreat preached by Br. Luciano from Foggia Province really helped all of us to live our Capuchin charism. Five days of intense of prayer, reflection and medition has uplifted our spirits. The themes dealt by Luciano did touch our hearts and minds. The inner beauty which we have received as the gift from the Lord should not be lost but be enhanced in order to be union with the Lord. He presented the image of Moses, Francis, Padre Pio and Mother Mary who had the beauty of God in them and how they used it to be His instruments in the world. His homilies for the Eucharistic celebrations were well prepared and to the point.
I sang twice the Mantras during the Holy Hour which helped us to meditate well and talk to the Echaristic Lord. The Mantras were very simple and easy to repeat.
The Fraternity in Frascati did a fabulous job in providing good accomodation and symptuous meals. The food was simply awesome. The cooks are really good at their job. The friars did appreciate the food. I had the opportunity to prepare some Indian Chicken Curry and a Mangalorean type of Pork preparation. The Chicken curry and pork got over immediately. it was indeed tasty. The next day morning Indian hand made bread called "Chappatis" were prepared for breakfast. Oh it was inter-continetal food indeed!
Thank You Luciano and Thanks to Guardian Jose who organised the retreat. Thanks to General Minister who preached a heart throbbing and soul searching homily on the last day.
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