Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Retreat focuses on "Inner Beauty"

The preacher is animating us very well with his thought provoking and inspiring talks. For last two days he spoke about many aspects about our Capuchin Franciscan and Human life. He is challenging us to live the call without losing the inner beauty which God has placed in each one of us. The following are the points which he highlighted in his talks:
- greatness of man lies in knowing and living the Glory of God
- God refills us with His Glory in order to shine for him in the world
- With our sins God gives us the power to refill once again with His Glory as He did with Adam
- God created me beautiful and good. He wants me to remain beautiful and good always. 
- Thank God for the gift of Baptism which renders us beautiful. Padre Pio cried the whole day and a friar asked the reason for crying. Padre Pio replied saying that he has not thanked God for he gift of Baptism which made him good and beautiful. 
- Through Charity and Love towards God and one another we preserve this beauty within us. 
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