Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday

The General Definitory meeting got over on Friday and some definitors began to leave for their visits and Chapters in their areas. It was a hectic and tight meeting where we had a good number of points on the agenda. We were able to approve the work of the Juridical and redaction commissions work on the Holy Constitutions, which will now go to the Vatican for approval. Let us pray that we have the new renewed and updated constitutions as early as possible.
During the meeting we visited the General curia where the renovation work is on. We were given a complete picture of the entire renovation work in the presence of the architect and engineers. It was a learning moment for all of us as they all explained the various process and steps of the renovation. 
Today is the Palm Sunday and the General Minister presided over the Mass with as usual a touching homily. He speaks to hearts and captures the attention of the audience. He has the faithful hanging on his lips. We had a short procession with olive branches. The entire curia community joined the college community where most of the students have left for Easter ministry in various parts of Italy.
I wish all of you a wonderful Holy Week and Holy Easter.

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