Sunday, March 3, 2013

Doctorate In Psychology

On 28th of Feb. 2013 Br. Lawrence SOOSAI NATHAN from the province of Tamil Nadu South, defended his doctoral thesis in the state University of Milano, Italy. I participated along with Brothers Damien and Joseph. Br. Lawrence with full preparations and confident in the subject defended his thesis infront of the panel of 8 professors and a conference hall filled with students and well-wishers. Lawrence is well known counseller in Tamil Nadu and has worked in Anugraha for number of years as a professor. He has studied in Canada and now completed his doctorate in Milano. He has worked hard in researching on the theme. The panel was very much satisfied with his work and so they have given him Summa Cum Laude. Congrates Br. Lawrence. Keep it up. He has been active in the CCMSI conducting the final preparatory course for our brothers. The theme of his thesis is: ALTRUISM AND THE PROMOTION OF INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY WELL-BEING: A CROSS-CULTURAL EXPLORATION. The following is extract from his introduction.

Altruism has been widely explored throughout history within the humanities. However, scientific explorations of altruism emerged prominently from evolutionary biology and social psychology. Recently, positive psychology gave impetus to altruism studies, adopting the specific perspective of well-being promotion. In particular, the theoretical framework of eudaimonia, founded on Aristotle‟s conceptualization of well-being as the pursuit of one‟s diamon (true nature or spirit unique to each person), highlighted the potential of altruism for fostering individual and community well-being. Its emphasis on the essential role of individual‟s contribution to society in the process of realizing one‟s diamon has led to an explosion of altruism investigations.

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