Monday, March 4, 2013

Annual Retreat at Frascati

We began our spiritual retreat last evening in the friary at Frascati. It is cold and very nice climate. A wonderful place for prayer and meditation. The entire General Curia with General Definitory is present for the retreat.
This morning, a Capuchin friar from the Province of Foggia who is a preacher said that as responsible friars you need enthusiasm to serve the Order and to instill that enthusiasm in every friar of the Order. He will base all his talks on the Liturgical readings of the Day. This morning he spoke about the invitation of God to Moses to climb the mountain to be filled with His grace and experience and to descend down to share that experience with the People down at the foot of the Mountain. Moses meets and encounters God in the name of People. People who are close and far away from God. Moses feels as a part of the people of God who are spiritually poor. Moses participates in every aspect of the life of the people especially their stories, history, signs and symbols.
The preacher concluded the talk with four points for our reflection:
1. To search God everyday
2. Minority is necessary to speak of God otherwise we will speak about ourselves rather than God
3. To be available
4. To be in History, to come down to be with one another.
Pray for us and we will pray for you all.
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