Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Violence against women

These days the newspapers and other media of communications are full of stories which speak of a brutal violence against women. There are strict laws already existing in India but somehow they are not taken seriously. Some important personalities in Indian society speak that the imitation of western culture is responsible for this violence. We totally reject this argument. What we need is to change our attitude, our mind-sets, behaviour and mentality towards women. The women are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives etc, how can we treat them this way. They too are created by the same creator and are equal with men. They should be treated with highest respect and honour. The sick mind of men who have lost control over their senses and emotions need to be treated. Hope the Church will preach on this topic and pray for the women who have played a big role in our society and who continue to play. God bless the efforts of the Government, Church, NGOs and other religious organization.
I am posting a beautiful letter of Cardinal Oswald Gracias. It is worthy reading and reflecting upon.
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