Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feast of Epiphany

Feast of Epiphany bring to close all the Christmas celebrations. Today we remember the visit of three Kings with their gifts to Child Jesus. They represent all of us in presenting the gift to Jesus. The  feast of manifestation invites us to undertake a journey to search, seek and find HIM. Those who search and seek, find HIM. If the Kings had not to leave their homes they would have been able to see Child Jesus. They left with fiath and finding Jesus their faith becomes solid and strong. Let us leave our comfort zones to search the ONE who gives meaning to our life and Existence. In this year of Faith, let us search and seek the true meaning of Faith and its significance for our Human and spiritual life.
Tomorrow we begin our General Definitory meeting, the first in the New Year and 3rd one after the General Chapter. All of us here in the curia getting ready for the meeting. we request you to pray for us.
God bless and have a wonderful SUNDAY and Happy Feast of EPIPHANY
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