Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feast day of General Minister

On 13 January the entire college and Curia gathered together to thank the Lord for the gift of Br. Mauro, General minister who celebrated in anticipation his feast day - St. Mauro. The feast incoincided with the feast of Baptism of the Lord. The new Church was full of friars who were singing and thanking the Lord for a good Leader and Brother Mauro. The choir sang beautiful hymns in Italian and Latin. General Minister himself preached an inspiring homily connected Baptism with St. Mauro. 
The friars and friends gathered in the refectory to wish and celebrate his feast day with a symptous Italian lunch. The Vicar General expressed sentiments of appreciation towards Br. Minister and the various language groups sang Happy Feast day song for Mauro.
Today is the actual day of his Feast day. The Curia is celebrating with joy and happiness the feast of the Capo of the Order. Br. General celebrated the Eucharist this morning thanking the Lord for his patron saint and also thanking the Lord for the gift of Br. Wellheimus who is celebrating his Birthday. The General minister in homily said that with Obedience miracles and wonders happen. He narrated an incident from the life of St. Mauro and St. Benedict about the vow of Odedience.
Let us pray for his good health and animation of the Order
We continue our Definitorial meeting till Friday.
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