Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Definitory Meeting

Since Monday we are having our meeting in the Curia itself. It is good be together discussing and listening to one another.  Yesterday Br. Juan Maria who is repsonsible for the the Capuchin clositers spoke and presented a brief report on his activities among the Clairsts. The number of sisters is dwindling here in Europe but it is increasing in Latin America. There are decisions taken and also some mid term report of various provinces been discussed. 
Today Br. Helmut who is the secretary for the Missions presented a very informative and interesting power point on his activities and work. He gave us a clear picture on the various activities in the Order taking place. He expalined the changing face of Missions and Missionaries. The course held at Brussels for the missionary is being organized well and very well accepted and appreciated by the participants. 
Then we had Brothers Tomas who was repsonsible for information department is changed and in his place Br. Marek is nominated. They both explained the various activities of the department and we suggested certain things which could improve the services of the department. 
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