Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Curia

Last evening, after the dinner the friars from Curia gathered together in Recreation room to sing Carol in different languages. It was a wonderful  moment as we prepared ourselves to celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated at 10pm by the General Minister in the College Church with  few friends and friars. General Minister spoke about the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus christ. Both had different backgrounds and preparations. One had family around to welcome him and the Giver of life had animals to welcome him in His own created world. One had relatives to visit and gift him and Jesus had poor shepherd and three wise men to visit and gift Him. the general Minister also said that God gave fully and totally and kept nothing behind. He gave Himself in His Son. More than this He could not give. Jesus birth was a new begining and every Christmas we celebrate not just an event but a new begining.
After the Mass we gathered in the bar to wish one another and sang Crols. What a wonderful night, Holy and Fraternal night.
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