Saturday, December 22, 2012

Archbishop of Mumbai speaks on eve of Christmas

MUMBAI: Oswald Cardinal Gracias , the Archbishop of Mumbai, has greeted the Christian community ahead of Christmas. His message reflects the papal declaration of 2012-13 as the 'Year of Faith'.

More importantly, the archbishop has expressed anguish at the growing corruption and inequity in society. "The genuine Christian goes beyond the law, beyond self-interest, beyond self-preservation in always seeking what is truly good for the well-being of others, as indeed of themselves," he says in the Christmas edition of the 'Examiner'.

"The greatest enemies of Christmas are not those who do not know or believe in Christ but those Christians who have become hard-hearted, self-righteous and have closed their hearts to the human needs of others," says the archbishop.

Cardinal Gracias explains how Christmas transcends the tale of Virgin Mary giving birth to the Christ Child. "As we relive the mystery of Christ's birth, the Church also gives birth to Christ in today's world. Just as He spoke to Mary, God has spoken to us, and we believe. When we believe, we bring Christ into the world by our good actions, by acting responsibly towards our families, in our jobs and in our relationships with others."

The archbishop says %we will not see the fullness of peace until Christ comes again at the end of time. "But we cannot wait until then. We need to pray %and work for peace now," %he urges.
Taken from "Times of India"
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